Badger Front View 900 Global Badger Bowling Ball
Badger Front View 900 Global Badger Bowling Ball

900 Global Badger Bowling Ball

Brand: 900 Global
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The Tour Preferred Series™ has become known as the obvious choice for bowlers competing on demanding lane conditions.  The Badger™ is the next addition to the already immensely popular line.  The Badger™ features the same great S71™ Coverstock made famous by the Honey Badger™.  It has been formulated as a hybrid version to be able to handle heavier volumes of oil.  The core of the Badger™ is the all new Lacerate™ symmetric.  This core will provide a similar motion to that of the Honey Badger™, but will be better suited to create that angular look on heavier patterns.  The Badger™ also features a true 2-piece core design creating a very unique reaction within the 900 Global product line.


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