Brunswick Siaair Micro Finishing Pad

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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 1.00 L
Condition: New
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Brunswick, Siaair Micro Finishing Pads last longer than the current industry standard. Even better, the high performance abrasive and three-dimensional net structure provide a consistent finish for more balls with less scratching

Sia (Abralon) 6" foam-backed sanding/polishing discs with hook & loop backing. Superior sanding and polishing product for bowling ball surface applications. Used to achieve extremely fine polished surfaces with minimal effort. Sia has the following features:

  • Combines benefits of abrasive cloth and non-woven products.
  • Constructed with a fabric face, foam center and hook & loop backing.
  • Openings in the fabric allow water and air to flow freely around the abrasive.
  • Works especially well when sanding coutoured surfaces and sharp edges.
  • Open cell design holds large amount or water for lubrication and cooling.
  • Foam center provides for even surface pressure, eliminates "finger marks" when hand sanding.
  • Lasts longer than Abralon
  • Available in the following grits:240,500,800,1500,2000,4000.