Columbia 300

In 1960, Columbia was the first manufacture to use Polyester Resin in a bowling ball, and they never looked back. Columbia 300 bowling balls have a long standing history in bowling. The Columbia 300 White Dot, Columbia 300 Yellow Dot, Columbia 300 U Dot, The Columbia 300 Cuda, all classic great Columbia 300 bowling balls of the past that paved the way for the bowling balls we have today. Columbia 300 bowling balls have always been a force in the bowling ball manufacturing industry, and continue to be. Columbia 300 bowls the world over!

Columbia 300 is all about fun! Columbia wants all bowlers to have smile, have fun, and be have a great time with the sport we all love. Their bowling balls reflect what their brand holds dear. The Antics is Columbia 300's high end ball. Antics looks great with the color scheme and proves that everyone can have fun and throw a bunch of strikes. This is a dull ball out of the box that still creats a great, strong backend motion. Smack Down is the upper mid price point. Smack down is a lot of hook at this price. Cool purple color, a dull finish, and a lot of hook, will get you noticed.  Disruption is the latest ball in the mid price point. The Eruption line was very successful for Columbia 300 and the Disruption is going to keep this line going. Disruption is going to be great on your typical league lane conditions, with nice length and strong backend will have the compitition wanting to have as much fun as you are. Freeze them!! Freeze is the entry level ball. Freeze took one of the best cores ever in bowling, modifed Messanger core, and put a great cover stock on top with eye popping colors. This ball has amazing performance for the price point. You want a plastic ball to just have fun for recreation? White Dot is the ball for you. White Dots have great colors and is an inexpensive way to get your first ball and go have fun with the gang! Awesome brand, great colors and a bowling mainstay make Columbia 300 a great option for you, the fun loving bowler!