Columbia 300

In 1960, Columbia was the first manufacture to use Polyester Resin in a bowling ball, and they never looked back. Columbia 300 bowling balls have a long standing history in bowling. The Columbia 300 White Dot, Columbia 300 Yellow Dot, Columbia 300 U Dot, The Columbia 300 Cuda, all classic great Columbia 300 bowling balls of the past that paved the way for the bowling balls we have today. Columbia 300 bowling balls have always been a force in the bowling ball manufacturing industry, and continue to be. Columbia 300 bowls the world over!


The SAVAGE is all new! A Solid coverstock that's truly different. Plenty on midlane traction with BOOMING backend motion and amazing hitting power. An asymmetric core and a solid cover that has this much hook potential and motion, this is Savage! Along with the Savage, Columbia 300’s Redline collection features The Lit,  with the new Reflex XS cover wrapped around the New Lit Asymmetric core which provides strong mid lane traction with big hook potential and a ton of hitting power.  The Lit Pearl features the same Lit Asymmetric core but has the Reflex XS Pearl cover which provides plenty of length through the front of the lanes with an angular back end reaction.  No matter which one you choose, This ball is LIT!  The newest ball in the Orangeline Collection is the Saber Pearl.  The Saber Pearl has cat like reflexes to friction and is designed for the medium-heavy oil conditions.  This polished Reflex Pearl coverstock will provide good length through the lane and the fast revving New-Dynamic core will give plenty of hook downlane. Columbia 300 let’s the cat out of the bag with this ball!  Moving on down the Yellowline Collection’s brings back the Eruption Pro Blue. The Eruption Pro is back in blue and ready to strike.  This ball is updated with the Bend-It Solid coverstock. The Spoiler Alert  is designed to give amazing length and booming back end motion! Spoiler Alert, this ball can strike!  Columbia 300 Greenline Collection features the Nitrous Collection of balls. With plenty of colors to choose from, these balls feature band new technology in both the core and coverstock.  The two-piece Nitrous core design offers predictability without sacrificing hitting power while the new Boost/R cover provides the ripping power needed on medium to light oil patterns.  Meaning no matter your bowling style or skill level, the Nitrous line is sure to give your game the boost it needs!  Columbia 300 Starter Collection features the Scout Reactive.  The Scout Reactive utilizes the industry’s original three-piece core technology.  This pancake weight block is surrounded with a reactive veneer perfect for the entry-level bowler and will be a great tool on drier lanes for the performance bowler. You want a plastic ball to just have fun for recreation? The White Dot is the ball for you. White Dots have great colors and is an inexpensive way to get your first ball and go have fun with the gang!  This awesome brand with great colors is a great option for the fun loving bowler who Bowls the World Over!


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