Established as a new brand in 2011. DV8 bowling balls are flashy, edgy, and different! They push the limit in performance, and push it to the edge. A ton of early success has come on the lanes with DV8 bowling balls on the PBA Tour, along with numerous Amateur tours, and in leagues every night. The honor scores and accomplishments roll in with DV8 bowling balls everyday. DV8 changes the game, by bring a new breed of bowlers to the game.  We are DV8. Tonight we bowl!

Looking for a Hitman for the pins? Get in contact with DV8 Hitman Enforcer.  This ball is taking shots and enforcing strikes on your heavier oil lane conditions.  Need some control, or some tactical game planning. Look no further then DV8 Tactic Control,  This ball is going to give you a controlled smooth hook on those dryer lane conditions.  DV8 is ready because, TONIGHT WE BOWL!

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