Ebonite bowling balls have been manufactured for almost 100 years and still going strong! They are a leader in the industry today in many facets. But the flagship for the brand is Ebonite bowling balls. Ebonite makes every kind of bowling ball for every style of bowler. Millions of bowlers have chosen Ebonite bowling balls across the world with huge successes. You will be sure to see an Ebonite bowling ball in every PBA and international bowling event in the world. Ebonite, Bowl to win!

Ebonite, as a brand, is American. They take great pride in the fact that their balls are made right here in the USA. Their latest high end ball in called the Pivot. Ebonite is very proud of the Pivot. This ball is for all bowlers. It needs somes oil  in the front of the lane so it can retain its power for the back of the lane and for the pins. If the lane has enough head oil, this ball can use a multitude of angles to attack the pattern. The upper mid perforance price point may just have a hidden gem in the Source. Source has the ultra popular mission core as the engine. A striking purple black pearl cover tops off this ball. Ebonite is the most excited about this product! Its high end performance for not a high end dollar! Ebonite may have the best entry level balls around in the Cyclone. Cyclone has a very strong core for this price point. Another big thing in the Cyclone is the weight block stays in tact all the way down to 10 pounds! Cyclone has the most popular coverstock Ebonite has ever made. GB 10.7. This cover is THE ONE! Ebonite has it all for everyone. American made, American strong!