Ebonite bowling balls have been manufactured for almost 100 years and still going strong! They are a leader in the industry today in many facets. But the flagship for the brand is Ebonite bowling balls. Ebonite makes every kind of bowling ball for every style of bowler. Millions of bowlers have chosen Ebonite bowling balls across the world with huge successes. You will be sure to see an Ebonite bowling ball in every PBA and international bowling event in the world. Ebonite, Bowl to win!


 Ebonite, as a brand, is American. They take great pride in the fact that their balls are made right here in the USA. Their latest high end ball in called the Choice. Make the right Choice with picking this ball. This heavy oil monster picks up strong in the midlane and has plenty of giddy up on the backend. Winning is the only choice, so make it.  Ebonite broke the mold when they produce the mid performance ball the Game Breaker.  So Ebonite Beefed up the Game Breaker coverstock to give bowlers the best tournament ball possible for today’s oil condition with the Game Breaker 3.  The Game Breaker 3 will work on any medium to heavy oil lane condition for any style.  GB3 Pearl is a ball everyone has to have. A mid priced pearl that can handle oil, this is a special piece needed for every arsenal. Ebonite has bowlers choosing their Destiny with their Destiny Solid, Destiny Pearl, and Destiny Hybrid in the Lower Mid Level performance balls.  Everyone remembers the Cyclones where Ebonite provided the most value for your dollar on the market, and the Destiny Solid, Destiny Pearl, and Destiny Hybrid are no exception. So why wait? It’s time to choose you destiny! And Lets not forget Ebonite is American made, American strong!



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