Hammer bowling balls have the most loyal following of bowlers and may have the most recognizable brand to the serious bowlers. Hammer didn't start as a brand, it started with one black bowling ball that struck more than everything else, because of this, Hammer bowling balls were intended for serious bowlers and then developed a brand and had a reputation as being the best. Hammer now has bowling balls for everyone, the serious bowler and the beginner bowler. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

Amp! Power up your game with the new Hammer Amp! The Amp features our new PowerShot asymmetric core,designed to read the mid part of the lane and make a strong move off of that spot. Amp's earlier roll will help prevent throwing it by the break point. Combine that with our new Overdrive Hybrid coverstock, and you’ve got one of the strongest rolling balls in the history of Hammer. Amp has a matte finish and finished with Clean N Sheen to give it some extra bite on the lane. You want BIG backend? Absolut Curve is what you want. This is the most angular ball in the Hammer line in years! Awesome colors and BIG hook is a winning combo! Hammer has two bowling balls this year for those broken down lane conditions! Spike and Nail! Both balls have the same coverstock but much different cores. Both balls have the coverstock from the Taboo Jet Black, one of the best covers of the season last year! Spike has the Black Widow Nasty core in it, and the Nail has the modified Doom core. Spike should be a little smoother and the Nail should have more angle on the backend! Hammer has it all this year! these balls all hook on different parts of the lane and will complement all Hammer bowlers styles! 

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