Hammer bowling balls have the most loyal following of bowlers and may have the most recognizable brand to the serious bowlers. Hammer didn't start as a brand, it started with one black bowling ball that struck more than everything else, because of this, Hammer bowling balls were intended for serious bowlers and then developed a brand and had a reputation as being the best. Hammer now has bowling balls for everyone, the serious bowler and the beginner bowler. Nothing hits like a Hammer!

 High end asymmetrical ball motion starts and ends with the Rip’d line. All three overstock types are all available here! Rip’d Solid is the heavy oil monster needed for those dreaded heavy and long volumes. Rip’d Hybrid gives the motion everyone needs. Length, mid lane control and back end motion to play multiple angles on the lane. Then Rip’ Pearl. The name says it all. Move in deep, grab the holes and let this ball Rip!! Looking for a Scandal?  Hammer’s newest High Performance symmetrical ball the Scandal/S is something to talk about.  The new Scandal/S is everything you loved about the original Scandal and more.  Featuring the Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock finished at the same surface as the original Scandal, you will get the same strong mid-lane motion you loved from the Scandal but with more pop on the back end.  Rolling into Hammer’s upper Mid Performance level we introduce the most successful line in Hammer history! The Black Widow has been a staple in the hammer brand for a number of years. There are two Black Widow balls that are ready to strike! The Black Widow Black/Gold is a pearl that rips on the backend, and then the Black Widow Urethane for those tough tournament conditions.  The iconic Vibe line made its return with the Onyx, Blue and Cherry Vibe. The Cherry was designed to go long and flip where the Blue was designed to give more midlane with a controlled backend. Now, we are bringing back the popular Onyx Vibe to give you the midlane of the Blue Vibe, with the backend motion of the Cherry.  Don't forget that these balls all have Hammer’s patent pending carbon fiber outer core, and carries Hammer’s industry leading three year warranty.  Now Hammerheads have a performance polyester option to put in their bags. The Widow Spare, featuring the legendary gas mask core, is perfect for hammering spares, or taming tough conditions when other balls hook too much.  Which ever Hammer ball you pick remember, Nothing Hits Like A Hammer!

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