MOTIV™ brand bowling balls, by Tech-Line Products, are anything but ordinary. MOTIV™ balls are backed by new technology and nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing top-quality high performance cores for many of the top brands in the bowling industry. With new coverstocks, knowledge of core, and the new graphic designed logos that no engraving is required, Motiv bowling balls are unique and powerful! The early success that Motiv bowling balls are having is no fluke. It comes from hard work and experince. Get MOTIVated!

Motiv offers a very unique look and awesome performance. Heavy oil is no problem with 2 Cruel. This ball can handle the heaviest of conditions with ease. Stunning colors and logos goes perfect with stunning performance and hook! The bowling world is a BUZZ with the newest edition to their Medium to Heavy oil ball line up. Primal Rage (#redball) is quickly becoming a popular item with all bowlers. Primal Rage has the most devastating backend and power that Motiv has come up with to date. Jake Peters captured the PBA Badger Open Championship using the #redball for Motiv's first PBA National Championship. For light to medium oils, Venom Toxin is sure to be a winner. Awesome green colors, predictable ball motion and great hitting power are all here with the Venom Toxin. Thrash Frenzy is another ball from Motiv that gives late hook and angular ball motion. You like the old school urethane balls? Motiv has that as well! Tank is a Tank! Tank is a camo colored Urethane bowling ball that gives early, smooth and predictable ball motion. Also a portion of the sales from the Tank sales goes to the Wounded Warrior Foundation to help out wounded troops! Motiv offers it all! Get MOTIVated! 

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