Roto Grip

Roto Grip bowling ball have been being manufactured since 1955. Roto Grip was very unique, they were the first manufacturer that made pre weighted bowling balls. The Blue Polyester Roto Grip bowling ball was a main rival of the Columbia yellow dot in the 1970s-1980s. In 1997 Storm Bowling Inc purchased Roto Grip to again make the a household name. In 1998 Storm made the first Roto Grip bowling ball, the SD 73. This was the first ball banned by the PBA and put Roto Grip right back on the map and have been a main stay in the industry ever since.

Roto Grip has tried to simplify line a bit. They have four lines of bowling balls HP4 is the high performance line of balls. This line had the very popular Theroy balls. Now its the Defiant, the latest Defiant is the Totally Defiant! Totally Defiant is a full pearlized ball that will give the most skid flip out of a high end assymetric from Roto Grip to date. The Defiant Soul was a very popular hybrid high end bowling ball that came out just before the Totally Defiant. HP3 is the next line of balls. These strong symmetric balls have produced the ultra popular Disturbed bowling ball. Deranged is the newest ball in this line. Deranged is the pearlized version of the Disturbed. Disturbed is a true benchmark bowling ball, and the Deranged is going to go longer and have more energy left on the backend of the lane, when the front of the lane starts to dry out. HP2 features the Rumble and the Wrecker! The Rumble and Wrecker may just be the most bang for the buck. A ton of hook and not a ton of money! You've seen the Wrecker thrown on TV by Jason Belmonte. HP1 is the entry level balls for the Roto Grip line. This line will offer a little bit more hook motion and pin carry than the Tropical Breeze by Storm. Viberant colors and good performace make the Scream balls a scary value! Roto Grip does a great job making their balls complement each other, as well as the Storm line. With bright colors, great performance and value makes Roto Grip The King of Them ALL!