Track has a uniques way to "name" their bowling balls. They use a numbering system that makes it easier to pick out a ball for your lineup. We are going to use a current ball in Track's line to explain how they use the numbering system. We are going to use the 910A for this example. The first digit (9) represents the strength of the cover. 9 will represent the strongest cover, meaning creating the most friction. the second two digits (10) represents the intermediate differential in the core of the ball.The core is the engine of the ball. The more intermediate differential you have,or higher them second two digits, the stronger the core gets. The "A" stands for Angular. That means the ball is going to repsond very quickly to the friction on the back of the lane and create a lot of down lane motion and angle. Track has a few letters to describe each balls motion. A= Angular T=Traction C=Control P=Plastic 

The latest ball in Track's 9 series of balls is the 910A. This ball has a strong pearl cover that will get the ball down the lane and have a great, strong backend motion. 910A has a great looking pearl coverstock, and the engine is not to strong to early in the front of the lane allowing the good backend motion everyone is looking for. 7 series is the next line Track offers. 706T is the latest in this line. 706T has a dull coverstock to get this ball rolling a little earlier and give a very controlled, and preditable backend motion. If you need a ball to grip the lane more, take a look at this ball. 5 series just may be the most successful line Track has had. Many good tournament bowlers and PBA players have had loads of success with these balls. 505c2 is the latest ball here from Track. The 505C was an amazing piece, and this 505c2 is just a little bit updated for today's lanes and a must for everyone. Track has a line of balls that are symmetrical in core shape. That is the 300 line. 300C has a symmetric core shape to get the ball down the lane when the front of the lanes has less oil on it. The Track brand of bowling balls are a bit more technical and take a little bit of time to get the hang of, but once you do it can make choosing a ball pretty easy. 

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