Track was founded in the 1970's and Track bowling has always pushed the limit in technology and bringing the most performance and technology to bowling balls. The company quickly got a reputation for new methods and of ball design and development. In February of 2007 Track was acquired by the Ebonite International family and moved its location to Hopkinsville KY. Track is still pushing the envelope for new technologies on everything from original core designs to ground-breaking coverstocks. It’s still the brand for a different kind of bowler, one who knows that when it comes to performance, it’s all about the engineering.

The new high performance ball is going after perfection, The Precision is a clean ball through the front, and amazing backend motion. Eye popping colors, this amazing ball motion, this ball is perfection! 

Paradox has been a staple in the track line for years now, the latest Paradox is the Paradox V. Paradox V shares the strongest pearl cover in the track line with the Precision, with the proven motion of the paradox core. What a combination! Great colors, and better ball motion. What else could you ask for?!

  Track has listen to their faithful bowlers and brought back the Modified Kinetic core that just keeps on coming, and with it comes the new Kinetic Amethyst.  You wont find an asymmetric core for this price anywhere!  Track has a solution for when the lanes are on fire, just put them on ice by pulling out the new Track Tundra Solid. The Tundra Solid offers smooth midlane motion and a great ball when trying to keep it smooth and in play on those tricky drier lanes. Whether you are bowling on old wood lanes, lighter volume oil patterns or on lanes that just flat out hook the Tundra solid is the ideal ball for you.

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