Dexter is the leader in bowling footwear. Dexter has been on the cutting edge of bowling shoe technology since their inception in both woman’s and mens bowling footwear. Every tournament and serious league bowlers need the Dexter THE 9 bowling shoe. They are made in both mens and woman’s styles. SST 9 offer truly unique features. SST 9 has interchangeable and slide AND traction soles to allow for the perfect slide and traction as you’re approaching the foul line for the best feel and balance possible. This shoe also is interchangeable for either right handed, or left handed bowlers, making this the most cutting edge shoe to date. The slide soles are remarkable. There are 11 different soles for the perfect slide, and 7 slide heels for the right about of brakes. Please check the description of each style of SST to make sure what slide soles and heels come with each style of shoe, because not every SST shoe has the same heel and sole options right out of the box. All soles and heels are available for purchase if you need another sole option. Check out all of the SST styles to best fit your game and needs. Dexter offers a number of styles and color options to fit your needs. 

 Are you a casual bowler? Do you just bowl once or twice a week to have fun and need a good pair of shoes with out breaking the bank? Dexter has you covered on those as well. Some popular mens styles are Turbo II Black. A natural, classic look has this a popular choice. Jack II is another mens favorite that is available in both WIDE and medium widths. A sporty style with twin stripes and sleek, fluid lines describes Jack perfectly. Ricky IV could be the most popular shoe in the athletic line. With three color options, comfort that you deserve and a price that doesn't hurt the wallet, what is not to love?

 LADIES!! Dexter has you in mind as well! Style, colors, and looking good! Ana is a great looking shoe. It has some traditional bowling shoe flare with sleek design in contemporary plaid with a light, feminine color palette. Is your personality a little more daring and fun? Check out Kerrie! One of the most classic looks in bowling is offered with the Groove III White/Black. A true classic looking bowling shoe with the style of today. An oldie made into a goodie! Raquel V is a huge value. Two color options and a great price will get you started in bowling and having you looking, and feeling great!

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