Hammer Boss Mens Performance Bowling Shoes Black Gold

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Brand: Hammer
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size: 16.00 W × 10.00 H × 6.00 L
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BowlersDeals.com wants you to approach the lane with confidence when you wear the Hammer Boss Bowling Shoes. 

Look at all these features! 

  • New engineered KRystalizedrubber outsole
  • The most durable outsole material in bowling
  • Same shaped asymetrical outsole as TPU for great fit and comfort
  • Engineered symetrical forefoot for left and right handed bowlers (1 SKU)

Included on shoes:

  • Genuine Clarino® #8 white microfiber slide pad,
  • T02 rubber push off sole, #5 graduated rubber heel
  • and #2 shark tooth heel

Included in the box:

  • #10 grey felt slide pad, #6 perforated white microfiber slide pad,
  • #7 black leather heel, Dura-Flex shoe cover and a Hammer branded
  • accessory bag

Hammer Boss Bowling Shoes from BowlersDeals.com are a great alternative to renting bowling shoes. They're right handed specific bowling shoes.