Motiv Chronic Paranoia Bowling Ball

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Brand: Motiv
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size: 9.00 W × 9.00 H × 9.00 L
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  • Capable of striking from many angles on a variety of medium oil patterns, the Chronic ParanoiaTM is an incredibly versatile benchmark ball.
  • The dual-density Oblivion core gives the Chronic Paranoia easy length with a strong down lane motion and incredible continuation. The 15# model features a 2.53 RG and .047 differential.
  • By combining the Oblivion core with the new Agitator Solid Reactive cover technology, MOTIV® pushes the performance of the Chronic Paranoia to a higher level. This new cover produces the right amount of traction in the mid-lane with a powerful backend motion that blends the wet/dry transition as you would expect from the perfect benchmark ball.
  • The Chronic Paranoia is a medium oil, moderately angular ball that will provide almost every bowler with a great reaction on many types of oil patterns. Rev dominant players will be able to use it to open up the lane while speed dominant players will have no trouble seeing continuation when playing straighter.
  •   Performance: Medium Oil / Benchmark
  •   Item#: MTVBPPGS
  •   Weight Range: 12# - 16#
  •   Inner Core: OblivionTM
  •   Cover stock: AgitatorTM Solid Reactive – NEW!
  •   Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
  •   15# RG: 2.53; Diff: .047
  •   Cover Color: Violet/Lime Solid
  •   NeoMarkTM: Black/Hot Pink