Quiet Mind Bowling DVD

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Quiet Mind Bowling DVD

You have the ability, use this DVD to unlock your mind.

Storm Bowling is proud to be sponsoring the most revolutionary program ever to come to bowling.  Quiet Mind Bowling. As bowlers, we have all had those games where everything slowed down, the mind became very quiet and the motion was effortless. The problem is those experiences usually come and go on their own. Until now. Quiet Mind Bowling will teach you a systematic programs that allows you to bowl your best every time you step upto the line.  It will teach you how to have freedom in the mind so you can have freedom in your motion.

Quiet Mind Bowling was developed by Steven Yellin over a 35-year coaching career. Even though it is a mental training program it is not based on sports psychology, nut on how the mind affects the body from the most fundamental level. It will teach you concepts and drills that set up by design, what you experience by chance, when bowling your best.


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