Storm Match Bowling Ball

Brand: Storm
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size: 9.00 W × 9.00 H × 10.00 L
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Hot as a Match: 

With exciting new technology inside, the pins will be nothing more than match sticks for you with a Match™ or Match Pearl in your hands.

Not all lane conditions require Premier™ Line equipment with all the technology needed for maximum traction. That’s why Storm created the Hot™ Line; it offers more control and easier skid through the heads. Some lanes hook more than others, so if your current arsenal is pushing you a bit outside of your comfort level, grab a Hot Line release and you will instantly find your way back to the pocket. 

The new Stinger™ Core offers a medium RG and flare potential which works for a variety of styles. This shape allows you to control your roll pattern and, finally, your ball reaction. The Reactor™ Solid Reactive will respond more gradually to friction down-lane while still offering some of that ball motion typical of a mid-performance bowling ball. The Match and Match Pearl fit perfectly in between the Rocket™ and Ride™ series, and are sure to help you maintain the perfect arsenal you need to achieve your goals on the lanes.

COVERSTOCK:               Reactor™ Solid Reactive
WEIGHT BLOCK:            Stinger™ Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK:  Modified Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH:          2000-grit Abralon®
BALL COLOR:                 Red/Gray
DUROMETER:                73-75 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL:         3” - 4” (Medium)
FRAGRANCE:                 Fruit Punch
WEIGHTS:                    10-16 lbs.
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