Storm Match Pearl Bowling Ball Storm Match Pearl Bowling Ball
Storm Match Pearl Bowling Ball Storm Match Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Match Pearl Bowling Ball

Brand: Storm
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Quality without Compromise

With exciting new technology inside, the pins will be nothing more than match sticks for you with a Match™ or Match Pearl in your hands. 

Not all lane conditions require Premier™ Line equipment with all the technology needed for maximum traction. That’s why Storm created the Hot™ Line; it offers more control and easier skid through the heads. Some lanes hook more than others, so if your current arsenal is pushing you a bit outside of your comfort level,  grab a Hot Line release and you will instantly find your way back to the pocket. 

The new Stinger™ Core offers a medium RG and flare potential which works for a variety of styles. This shape allows you to control your roll pattern and, finally, your ball reaction. Similar to the Match™, the Match Pearl is designed for a less oily environment. The Reactor™ Pearl Reactive coverstock has been in use for over a decade and that is not without merit. This coverstock blend offers ample durability without sacrificing the renowned Storm ‘backend reactivity.’ Whether it’s pearl or solid, each piece has its own personality as no two bowling balls will ever be fully the same. 

COVERSTOCK:                     Reactor™ Pearl Reactive
WEIGHT BLOCK:                  Stinger™ Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK:        Modified Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH:                1500-grit Abralon®
BALL COLOR:                      Gold/Burnt Orange
DUROMETER:                      73-75 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL:              3” - 4” (Medium)
FRAGRANCE:                      Cider Donut
WEIGHTS:                         10-16 lbs.
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