Storm Phaze Bowling Ball Storm Phaze Bowling Ball
Storm Phaze Bowling Ball Storm Phaze Bowling Ball

Storm Phaze Bowling Ball

Brand: Storm
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More Powerful than a Locomotive

Storm’s relentless commitment to the pursuit of perfect ball motion fuels our research and development team. We don’t just think outside the box, we question why the box was even there in the first place!  

The new Phaze features both innovative core andcoverstock technology, proving again that Storm is the leader in bowling innovation. And we can all agree that while new technology is always interesting, it really only matters to you if it produces something that helps you score better. After all, no one wins a tournament based on anything other than pinfall!

Advancements in the core shape are easily seen with the naked eye.  This fast-revving shape, the aptly-named, supercharged Velocity™ Core helps you crush pin after pin as it produces more ball motion than any other shape in our Master Line.

So, what’s this new coverstock, you might ask? It’s a shell like no other – just one look and you can see it’s completely different. The AX-16™ pearl reactive has a new additive that alters the texture of the surface, creating gripping power that refuses to step down. The new Phaze is up to any challenge thrown its way, just like you. And with a Storm ball in your hand, there’s nothing that can phase you!

COVERSTOCK:               AX-16™ Pearl Reactive
WEIGHT BLOCK:            Velocity™ Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK:  Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH:          1500-grit Polished
BALL COLOR:                Royal/Yellow/Copper
DUROMETER:                73-75 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL:        5” - 6” (High)
FRAGRANCE:                Lemon Tart
WEIGHTS:                    12-16 lbs.
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